Hungarian-born composers, Tamás Kreiner and Ervin Nagy are being recognized as one of the most innovative musical duo in Europe.

Tamás Kreiner music composer and sound designer, appreciated by BAFTA awards.
As a music composer, his fields of expertise range within computer and console games, cinematic movies, short movies, documentaries and commercials, also creation of the entire sound design.
His creative work in music composing and sound design has affected millions of  players worldwide.
He was quite young when he had founded his own company, Digital Reality where he'd been working as sound executive director, sound designer  and lead composer for more than 20 years. Throughout these years he participated in many successful and worldwide productions as a composer/sound designer.
The biggest appreciation arrived to Tamás when in 2000, he was nominated and announced as winner of BAFTA awards for composing the soundtrack of Imperium Galactica II.
There were more than 800 nominees, and the committee of British Movie Academy, led by Sir Richard Attenborough, picked Tamás's work among all making him the only composer in Hungary having been awarded by BAFTA Awards.
During the years he took part in creating and composing music and made sound design for more than 40 large games, and short and cinema movies, also commercials.
Some of his excellent work in games category follow: Imperium Galactica series, Haegemonia - Legion of Iron, Platoon, D-Day, and War Front.
In 2007, the jury committee of UPC/AXN (Andy Vajna, Török Ferenc, Pálfi György) has awarded him with the precious 3rd place for his short movie '15 Minutes of Fame.
He is also well known of his work in television, he composed soundtracks for various TV shows such as Max's Midnight Movies series, or the Jeux Sans Frontiéres.
As a sound designer and editor he also has worked within large cinema movie projects, such as Kossuth Kifli, Gondolj Rám and Hajnali Láz.


Ervin Nagy have started his music career in 1980, at the Conservatory of Music, Gyor. Two years later he already won his first music award at a nationalcompetition for young musicians. While he had won several other music prizes, between 1984 and 1993, he had expanded his musical talent at the F. Liszt Music Academy and later at the Texas Christian University studying composition and piano. Between 1989 and 2006, Nagy has played as soloist with many internationally renowned orchestras, such as the Hungarian Symphony Orchestra of Pécs, Academy of London Chambers Orchestra, Fort Worth Symphony, Zagreb Chamber Orchestra and the Japanese Asakusa Symphony. During these years he was successful at many international music competitions in Europe, United States, and Australia. In the meantime he was teaching at Master Classes for young musical talents in Japan, Spain and Germany.

The turning point in their careers came in 2001, when they were asked to compose the score for the succesfull Haegemonia – Legions of Iron. In the same year, they have founded the Newtex Productions, and since than they have scored many successful soundtracks for different productions, such as Haegemonia – The Solon Heritage, Afrika Korps vs. Desert Rats and D-Day. The team has worked with many, internationally renowned publishers and corporations.

During all these years they have created a Music Studio, which corresponds to all international requirements and capable to produce soundtracks for any forms of the visual arts, for a highly competitive price!